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RFUSION, More Than Just Cutting Edge Benchmark Technology

RFUSION, a forthright technology company of the future, but here today!
Since the inception of realistic access control using facial recognition and criminality reference, RFUSION™ has created and perfected its in-house algorithms with extreme success and capabilities. 3D composite, limited occlusion view, using strategic pitch, yaw, and roll of the digitized face.

License Plate Recognition (ANPR), either for law enforcement or privately compiled databases for staff parking and access.
Combined with RFUSION's Cognitive Observation©, RSENSING©, we decipher and determine the actions in front of the camera, any existing camera. The ability to acknowledge activities such as parking validity, broken down on a freeway, or traveling in the wrong direction on a street or highway.

We count people waiting in line and informing management to open another cash register when a limit is reached.

Thermal cameras with Cognitive Obersation to identify shipping up to ten miles offshore. Gauging distance for docking a ship, checking a vehicle's speed on the property for compliance, and protecting an international airport in every nook and cranny with once unknown information.

All require and demand exceptional communications, which RMESH© was developed for Emergency Management and beyond. After a severe event such as a tornado, flood or hurricane occurs, the ability to bring back secure communications.

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