Young G’s Barbeque Sauce Launches New Regional Distribution via The Brenmar Company Inc.

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June 18, 2019
Press release
For immediate release                                                    Urbandale, Iowa, June 18, 2019
Young G’s Barbeque Sauce Launches New Regional Distribution via The Brenmar Company Inc.
A product distribution initiative launched today by The Brenmar Company Inc. (‘TBCI’) and that of Young G’s Barbeque Sauce product, an American Veteran owned business based within the Des Moines of area of Iowa today. 
Young G’s Barbeque Sauce revealed plans to capture regional logistics from Brenmar to achieve an easier reach for finding more satisfied consumers of its product.
Barbeque sauces typically are reaching more consumers from independent product sources that address dietary needs while maintaining all the taste of a demanding palette.
Gerald Young's story is one more tragic than typical of a product bringing happiness from family reunions, celebration of longer than usual summer holiday weekends in the founding of the United States or the culture he grew upon in the heartland of the country in northeastern Iowa.
In essence, the product is part of a promise that was supposed to include fellow soldiers from a second tour in Afghanistan to form a business once back in the United States. However, the colleagues were left in the battlefield, Gerald injured and to recover all aspects of being a veteran in that paradox of adversity.
Brenmar acts as a source for those to find the family recipe Gerald’s father, Ronald, help shape that family delight that also takes care of several dietary considerations.
Young G’s Barbeque Sauce - A truly gluten free and low sodium barbecue sauce without high fructose corn syrup
As Gerald Young frequently educates consumers, “Our barbecue sauce is gluten free, low in sodium and has no high fructose corn syrup. Our family recipe was crafted for taste and naturally fit into the diets of people with Celiac Disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.”
TBCI is a distribution company wholly family owned within La Vista, Nebraska supplying catering, supermarkets and variety of added retail sources products associated with customer satisfaction. 
TBCI and Young G’s strategy will position TBCI in a lead role in the expansion plans of both firms to supply product across the United States. 
The launch of Young G’s Barbeque Sauce will be a further significant step in Brenmar’s commitment to healthier products with a positive patriotic supportive point of view too.
For further information please contact:
Gerald Young
Owner, Young G’s BBQ                    Tel: +1 (515) 331-8001
Stephanie Young
Executive VP, Young G’s BBQ               Tel: +1 (515) 447-6218

Leesa Kelley
V. P. Executive Sales                     Tel: +1 (800) 783-7759x241


About Young G’s Barbeque Sauce LLC

The original business was founded in July,  2011 after Gerald’s 2 military tours of duty to Afghanistan.
Gerald uses the lessons he learned in the service to help his business prosper. It’s helped him become a leader and form bonds with his customers. He always treats self and others with dignity and respect.
“I stay positive and get things done,” says Gerald.
With the support of the Veteran’s Administration, his wife Stephanie, and his excellent drive and work ethic, Young G’s Barbeque Sauce is winning over the hearts and taste buds of people throughout the Midwest. “It’s a healthy, tasty sauce for American families,” says Gerald.

About TBCI

The Brenmar Company Incorporated was founded in 1988 in Nebraska by Marlene Hytrek.
Brenmar has become a nationwide leader in the foodservice supply industry. The company now produces multi million dollars in sales and has been labeled one of the fastest growing distributors by many of the company’s vendors.
Web site for more details about The Brenmar Company Inc.
Gerald Young, President/CEO
(515) 331-8001