Urbandale Chamber of Commerce Endorses LOSST Sales Tax

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July 01, 2019
Urbandale Chamber of Commerce Endorses LOSST Sales Tax

(URBANDALE, IA) – The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted to support the Polk County portion of Urbandale Local Option Sales Tax (LOSST) for vote on August 6, 2019. These taxes are often used to help fund local projects.  Area cities such as Des Moines, West Des Moines, Altoona, Windsor Heights, Pleasant Hill, Alleman and the Dallas County portion of Urbandale have already approved LOSST.

            The Iowa sales tax is currently 6% statewide. With the LOSST currently on the ballot, voters in Urbandale can vote for an additional 1% LOSST. This would increase the sales tax to a 7% rate. It will only be applied to items that already have a sales tax on them. Over 95% of the communities in Iowa have approved LOSST. If Urbandale were to do the same, it would bring in additional revenue for the city, which helps to keep property taxes one of the lowest in the state and provide funding for community amenities needed. Currently Urbandale residents already pay a Local Option Sales Tax when visiting may other Iowa cities, including Des Moines and West Des Moines.                                           
At least 50% of the revenue from LOSST will be used to support property tax relief if the tax is approved. Other revenue would be used to improve Urbandale to make it a better place to live. These improvements could include our parks, trails and streets. Additional upgrades to traffic-flow and public safety are also possible.

“The Urbandale Chamber Board of Directors voted to endorse the LOSST tax because it helps with property-tax-reduction, a priority for our business community, as well as provides a needed revenue stream for needed for Capital Improvement projects,” said Tiffany Menke, President of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce.

We encourage you to vote for Polk County LOSST on Tuesday, August 6, 2019. Voting will take place from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. If you are an Urbandale resident in Polk County, information on your polling place can be found here.  For more information on LOSST, visit: http://www.urbandale.org/LOSST
Tiffany Menke, President
(515) 331-6855