StoryStruck to present Customer Segmentation at Iowa Brewers’ i-BEST Conference.

StoryStruck Marketing CEO Mackenzie Walters will present a Customer Segmentation Workshop at the Iowa Brewers’ i-Best Conference on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022, in Decorah, Iowa.

Walters’ presentation, “Customer Segmentation: Matching your products to your best customers,” will highlight ways craft brewers can identify specific target markets or communities and focus their marketing efforts on their best customers.

The presentation includes examples from the premium coffee industry. While teaching segmentation, Walters has found it helpful to think outside the box and view examples from other types of products or services.

The presentation includes audience segmentation techniques that will help brewers identify different types of customers and how to make product decisions to appeal to the audiences you’re already cultivating.

In the last five years, the craft brewing industry has seen consumers shift toward craft and regional beers, as well as alternatives such as ready-to-drink cocktails.

But applying an industry playbook without first digging into your customers’ experiences, motivations, and preferences can be a mistake. Walters will walk brewers through decision-making frameworks to use when deciding what products to sell.

Learn more about the i-Best conference here.

StoryStruck Marketing uses journalism techniques to identify and implement customer segmentation strategies for product companies, professional services, and nonprofit organizations. By identifying and targeting their priority customer segments, companies can increase revenue, reduce risk, and elevate customer experiences.