Quester Introduces DRIVE To Help Companies Realize Sustainable Growth Through Brand Building

Quester, a strategy and insights firm, announced the launch of their brand-building process called DRIVE, which emphasizes the firm’s focus on helping brands achieve organic, sustainable growth through proper brand building.

“More and more, we are asked by clients to provide our point of view on a number of subjects, including how to help build stronger brands,” said Brett Townsend, SVP of Strategy at Quester. “DRIVE is a framework we created to not only provide a strong point of view on brand building but more importantly, how Quester can help companies achieve it.”

DRIVE is an acronym for Discover, Reveal, Inspire, Visualize, Evaluate, different steps in the brand building process. It is a humanity-narrative-centric approach to brand building that puts real people and their love and emotional connection to brands at the heart of the creation process. In short, DRIVE drives brand building the right way, leveraging Quester’s award-winning techniques to identify paths to differentiation and sustainable growth. This steadfast focus on consumers’ emotional connection, stories, and passion are key to ensuring DRIVE creates stories that will resonate and connect with consumers at their cores. This will drive desired, long-term brand goals, such as loyalty, price inelasticity, extensions, and sustainable profits.

“At Quester, we’ve always been passionate about helping brands find and leverage their unique identities,” offered Andrea Joss, SVP of Insights and Strategy. “We’re thrilled to be rolling out an even more extensive plan to partner with our clients, to help activate these strategies more powerfully.”

To learn more about DRIVE, go to, or call us at +1-877-232-1005