Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center Celebrates 50 Years with a Name Change and Rebrand

Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center Celebrates 50 Years with a Name Change and Rebrand Urbandale, IA

The Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center announced a name change for its organization during its 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Des Moines Heritage Center on October 18. The Center, now known as Mind & Spirit Counseling Center, incorporated the new name after a long review process that emphasized the necessary step in reaching and serving more people in need while also acquiring more support for their mission.

The announcement coincides with the Center entering the next 50 years of mental health services support, while also recognizing the growing confusion with other organizations engaged in pastoral work and the difficulty for clients and supporters to differentiate between services.

“Despite the name change, our mission, people and programs remain the same,” said Jim Hayes, Executive Director at Mind & Spirit Counseling Center. “Our new name elevates our commitment to inclusivity and removes barriers for those who assume we are affiliated with any specific faith tradition. While the new name change is effective immediately, we still continue to be recognized as the welcoming place for those seeking inspiration, hope and healing of body, mind and spirit through the high-quality services, care and support we provide to our clients, staff and major stakeholders.”

The Mind & Spirit Counseling Center’s name reflects the integrative approach the Center takes to care for the whole person while still honoring all facets of identity and experience. The Center hopes its rebranding efforts draw greater attention to a variety of its key services and longstanding impact on the community.

About Mind & Spirit Counseling Center
Mind & Spirit Counseling Center was founded in 1972 with a small staff and a big vision. The Center began with one counselor – and today offers 30 licensed, multidisciplinary clinicians serving more than 3,000 individuals annually including 460 children and teens. Although high-quality counseling services have always been at the core of the Center, today it is a multifaceted nonprofit organization that enriches the lives of many through various services, including:
• Psychiatry Services
• Psychological Testing
• Clinical Training Program
• Community Education
• Spiritual Renewal & Leadership Opportunities
• Children Overcoming the Obstacles of Life (C.O.O.L.) – specialized services for children and adolescents

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