Customer Segmentation Workshop: How to identify and target your best clients

Customer Segmentation Workshop: 
How to identify and target your best clients

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA — StoryStruck Marketing is pleased to announce that CEO Mackenzie Walters will present a workshop at ABI’s Manufacturing Conference on Oct. 5, 2022, at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny. 
Walters’ presentation, “Customer Segmentation: How to identify and target your best clients,” will include marketing frameworks that help guide business owners and marketing directors on identifying their best, most profitable customer groups. 
“We’ve found that customer research ultimately saves time and money by applying a proven framework to a company’s unique customer base and product lines,” Walters said. “When you analyze your sales data or review a series of customer interviews, you stop guessing and start making informed decisions.” 
A former journalist who’s been recognized nationally and regionally for her investigative stories, Walters believes in the power of customer-oriented research in guiding leaders in making the right decisions for their company and growth stage.
“If you’ve ever felt stuck on making a strategic decision, customer research is the best place to start,” Walters said. “It identifies how your customers view your company and their experience through the buying and service process.”
“Marketing research allows you to understand your customers’ buying habits and expectations, which marketing channels they rely on when researching products, and how they would describe your business to a friend or colleague.”

To register for the conference, visit ABI’s website at, or follow this registration link.
StoryStruck Marketing specializes in customer research. Founded by a national award-winning journalist, StoryStruck applies journalism techniques — including sales data analysis, customer surveys, and customer interviews — to guide businesses as they grow. Stop guessing and start saving time and money by making informed marketing decisions.